Postdoctoral research

Postdoctoral research scholarship

The LETHICA Interdisciplinary Thematic Institute (Literature, Ethics and the Arts) is inviting applications for a one-year postdoctoral research contract, with the possibility of a one-year renewal (starting between September and December 2024, to be agreed).

The candidate will be expected to propose a project related to LETHICA's theme 1 (triage) or theme 3 (transparency and secrecy), and to fit in with its research perspectives (axes: historical approaches, intercultural approaches, research-creation, ethics and therapeutics).

The applications received will be evaluated by the LETHICA steering committee.

Applicants must be based on site (Strasbourg) for the duration of the contract.


Evaluation criteria:

The LETHICA Steering Committee will evaluate the proposed projects according to the following criteria:

  •  The interdisciplinary nature of the postdoctoral research project.
  •  The structuring nature of the project, which must fall clearly within one of the requested themes and enable the implementation of at least one of the four axes.
  •  Innovative character: the project should propose methodological and conceptual advances, encouraging cross-disciplinary approaches. The project should clearly specify its contribution to the LETHICTIONNAIRE (an online dictionary that is part of LETHICA's open science projects and policy, and is intended to reflect the research undertaken).

The LETHICA steering committee will also be sensitive to the excellence of the applicant's academic background and research experience in the field of the links between ethics, literature and the arts.


The application must include the following information:

  • Detailed CV
  • Letter of motivation, specifying how the candidate intends to fit at LETHICA (2 pages max.)
  • Copy of thesis report
  • Choice of 2 publications (max.)
  • Choice of 2 reviews (optional)
  • A notional note or review of a work for the LETHICTIONNAIRE (style sheet available here). This review, which will form part of the assessment of the application file, may subsequently be published on the LETHICA website (with the candidate's agreement).

    Presentation of the project, including a timetable for the work and actions envisaged, and specifying the expected spin-offs (5 pages maximum, including bibliography).


Definition of research activities and tasks to be carried out:

  • Carrying out the research project presented in the application file
  • Participation in the LETHICTIONNAIRE
  • Occasional participation in other LETHICA projects
  • Participation in the Lettre de Lethica (taking charge of thematic dossiers or "focus" on a personality in connection with LETHICA's themes, writing book reviews, etc.)
  • Scientific mediation (organising and running meetings between members of the ITI, and with structures that federate and promote research, such as the Maison inter-universitaire des sciences de l'homme - Alsace, the Jardin des sciences, etc.).
  • Participation in the LETHICA University Diploma (leading a specific seminar).



Applications must be sent no later than 3 June 2024 (midday) to Bertrand Marquer (bmarquer[at], Head of Recruitment and Development, with a copy to Suzel Meyer, PhD and Research Engineer/Project Manager (suzelmeyer[at] Auditions for successful candidates will take place on Monday 17 June 2024.