Fall Graduate Schools

Every year Lethica organises an Fall Graduate School opened to all PhD candidates and master degrees students, in relation to the ITI's themes.

Fall Graduate School 2023: Representations of old age (cinema, literature, theatre, art history, etc.) (C. Grenouillet and K. Jernite)  September 26-28, 2023

This Lethica Fall School, organized by Corinne Grenouillet and Kenza Jernite, will take place on September 26th through 28th 2023, 2023 at the MISHA. This event will be an opportunity to question the representations of old age through different arts, in connection with the four research axes of Lethica

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Fall Graduate School 2022: Ethical and aesthetic challenges of Artificial Intelligence (N. Chavoz)  September 28-30, 2022

The next Fall Graduate School will be held from 28 to 30 September 2022, at the University of Strasbourg, and will focus on the ethical and aesthetic challenges of Artificial Intelligence. This topic was chosen for its contemporary relevance, but also for its interdisciplinarity and its proximity to the four central themes of Lethica:

→ Moral revolutions: will we accept the presence of artificial intelligences in our lives? What moral, legal and philosophical status will we give them if they do?
→ Triage: since artificial intelligence may be called upon to make choices, how can we anticipate these possible arbitrations? (as in the case of automatic cars, for example).
→ Transparency and secrecy: Can the management of our personal data be entrusted to an artificial intelligence? Should we be afraid of Big Data?
- Case Making: Can an artificial intelligence "make a case"? Can it be responsible for looking after the weakest (the elderly; children)? Can it itself become a "case", i.e. develop a form of singularity?

To discuss these questions, Lethica has chosen to invite specialists from various fields (literature, ethics, the arts, but also computer science and philosophy): some of the invited speakers are versatile researchers, situated at the crossroads of several disciplines; others are involved in research and creation (or research-creation) practices; still others are artists or writers with national and international recognition.

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Fall Graduate School 2021: Ethics and Literature (E. Zanin et J.-C. Weber)  September 30 - October 2, 2021

This high-level training event organized by Lethica has gathered more than 75 participants : master and doctoral students and researchers who wished to deepen their knowledge of the relationship between ethics and literature. Two of Lethica's themes ("making a case" and "moral revolutions") have been addressed from an interdisciplinary perspective.

Does reading make us happy? How do stories help medical diagnosis and guide the construction of automatic vehicles? Why were women forbidden to read novels? The study of the relationship between ethics and literature will provide answers to these questions. The first session was devoted to the "case": international specialists have explained why the brief account of a particular situation (a case) is an essential tool for philosophy, sociology, psychology and medicine. A practical workshop have lead us to start and think by case. We have also considered the "happiness" that can be derived from reading, based on the methods developed by welfare economics. A second session has been devoted to the evolution of the relationship between ethics and literature from Antiquity to modern times.

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More than 120 participants have attended the Inaugural Conference on Septembre 30, 2021.