Lethica offers students of our consortium's master degrees the possibility to benefit from a scholarship. These scholarships are offered to students who carry out a full year of studies in Strasbourg (M1 or M2) and whose thesis project is related to one of Lethica's themes.


The Interdisciplinary Thematic Institute LETHICA (Ethics, Literature and Arts) offers students wishing to do a Master's degree in Strasbourg the possibility to benefit from a scholarship (incoming mobility only). The following Master courses are concerned: European Literary Cultures" (CLE), "General and Comparative French Literature" (LFGC), "Multilingualism and Interculturality", "Cinema and Audiovisual", "Ethics".

These grants are offered to students who have completed a full year of studies in Strasbourg (M1 or M2). The dissertation project must be related to one of LETHICA's themes. This project will be carried out under the supervision of a Unistra teacher-researcher who is a member of LETHICA, and, for CLE students, in close collaboration with a teacher from the university(ies) where the student will spend the other year of his/her studies.


The grants will be offered under the MOBIL'ITI scheme (ITI 2021-2028), for partial funding. The individual total amount will be €2,000.

In addition, 500€ (for European students) or 1,000€ (non-European students) to cover travel and/or installation costs will be paid to each grant recipient (except for students who have spent the current year in a higher education institution in Strasbourg).

Finally, registration fees will be covered up to 500€.

The financial support will be paid for 80% upon signature of the arrival certificate and the remaining 20% at the end of the mobility. The ITI reserves the right to request the full reimbursement of the grants if the student does not complete the course.

The grant is subject to the applicant's acceptance into the Master's programme of his/her choice. The application for a scholarship does not replace the application process for a Master's degree.

Selection criteria :

    1. Excellence of the academic background
    2. When the programme includes several universities (CLE Masters): coherence of the chosen mobility
    3. Relevance of the research project

Documents to be provided :

    1. Transcript of marks for the bachelor's degree
    2. A resume
    3. A cover letter
    4. A well-founded presentation of the research project in relation to one of LETHICA's main themes:

  •    " Triage", or the ethical questions raised by the operations of classification, selection, prioritisation or neglect implemented in health policies, employment, training, humanitarian and emergency medicine
  •     "moral revolutions" or the changes in social opinions and behaviour regarding practices that were long considered 'normal' and are now disapproved of or condemned - and vice versa
  •     "transparency and secrecy", or the ethical questions raised by the choice of making public or keeping hidden information, decisions and actions
  •     "Case Making and Caring", or the different ways of articulating the singular and the general with a heuristic (medical case, case of conscience, etc.) or therapeutic (care) aim

    5. The attested agreement of the proposed director for the project.

N.B.: the supervisor must be a member of ITI LETHICA and of Unistra. The list of Unistra members who are part of LETHICA is available in the directory. For more convenience, you can search by research unit in the directory.