Opening of one to two Lethica doctoral contracts - September 2023

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Call for applications of the Interdisciplinary Thematic Institute LETHICA, for one to two doctoral contracts (three years) starting in September 2023


The Interdisciplinary Thematic Institute LETHICA calls for applications for one to two doctoral contracts (three years) for the beginning of the 2023 academic year.

The candidate will have to propose a project related to the different themes of LETHICA (triage, moral revolutions, transparency and secrecy, case making & caring) and to its research perspectives (axes: historical approaches, interculturality, ethics in artistic research, ethics-therapeutics joint).
The applications received will be submitted to the LETHICA ITI Steering Committee for evaluation.
On-site installation (Strasbourg) for the duration of the contract is required.


Applications must be submitted by January 2, 2023 at the latest to Bertrand Marquer (bmarquer[at], Recruitment and Development Manager, with a copy to ITI Coordinator Anthony Mangeon (amangeon[at]

The ranking of the selected projects will be communicated by January 6, 2023 at the latest, in the perspective of submission to the "Région Grand Est" co-funding (county council) through the Unistra's Research Administration Department.

LETHICA strongly encourages the co-financing of doctoral contracts, and encourages prospective directors to apply for funding from the Région Grand Est (50%). The deadline for submitting applications to this local authority is January 15, 2023. The submission has to be done on an online platform (see the submission guide).

Upload the detailed call for applications

Download the accompanying letter from the Head of the Research Administration Department at Unistra for the submission of applications to the region

Application file :
The application file should include the following documents:

    → Detailed résumé
    → Motivation letter, specifying how the candidate intends to fit into the LETHICA ITI project (2 pages max.)
    → Letter of recommendation from the thesis director, specifying whether a request for co-financing will be made to the Région Grand Est
    → Presentation of the project (10 pages maximum, including bibliography)

The final results will be given at the end of the Région Grand Est recruitment campaign: Lethica will then finance one doctoral contract at 100%, or two doctoral contracts at 50%.

For more information contact
: bmarquer[at]