Involved Institution and Governance

Coordination and participating institutions

Project coordination

Prof. Anthony Mangeon, University of Strasbourg, head of the research unit "Configurations Littéraires"

Research Units involved in the project

Doctoral Schools involved

  • Theology and Religious Sciences (ED 270)
  • Life and Health Sciences (ED 414)
  • Social Sciences and Humanities –European perspectives (ED 519)
  • Humanities (ED 520)

Faculties involved

Academic, associative or private partners

  Lethica's network


LETHICA will implement a governance-framework based on one director and four collaborative assemblies: an Executive Committee, a Steering Committee for research and training (strategic committee) and a Scientific Counsel (external experts and internal coordinator). All members of LETHICA will also meet annually during a General Assembly.

The Executive Committee is composed of the Coordinator, of the supervisors for each LETHICA perspective and of the scientific counsel’s coordinator.
- The EC appoints LETHICA’s coordinator
- The EC settles LETHICA’s strategy, following the advice given by the steering committee
- The EC allocates resources and arbitrates between competing uses of funds, if necessary. The EC may suggest evolutive adjustments among the research programs : cancellations, modifications, or adjunctions
- The EC assesses LETHICA’s achievements and monitors the implementation of the quality insurance system (balance sheet and annual indicators)
- The EC designs the content of the newsletter (produced and distributed by the research engineer or project manager)
- The EC supervises the elaboration and the follow-up of the LETHICTIONARY

The Steering Committee for Research and Training is comprised of appointed representatives of each faculty/college (“composantes”), of representatives of doctoral schools, of a representative of the CEERE (European Center of Research and Studies on Ethics) or of Ethics Master-Program, of a representative of the IDIP (Institute of the Development of Innovative Pedagogy), of the supervisors for each LETHICA perspective, of appointed representatives of participating research units, and of LETHICA’s director.
- The SCRT proposes strategic orientations and alerts the executive committee to potential difficulties
- The SCRT defines the job profiles (and eventually research fields) for contracts (doctoral and postdoctoral contracts, project manager, administrative staff) ; it considers the applicants to those positions, and selects the candidates (interviews) ; it finally establishes a ranked list
- The SCRT supervises the quality insurance system (on the basis of reports by project supervisors (working in pairs) and of group members designated to handle particular “locking points” and “challenges”)

The Scientific Counsel is comprised of external experts and of an internal coordinator and LETHICA member.
- The SC assesses the research project, taking into account its interdisciplinary dimension, its relevance to LETHICA’s four main topics and perspectives (two expert rapporteurs per project)
- The SC gives advices and ranks the projects applying for the resources allocated by the EC

Members of the Executive Committee

Coordinatorand Head of Research: Anthony Mangeon, director of Configurations littéraires (UR 1337)

Head of the Steering Committee for Research and Training: Victoire Feuillebois - maîtresse de conférences in the Department of Slavic Studies (UR 1340)

Representative of CEEREand head of publications: Jean-Christophe Weber, head of the master degree on Ethics (CEERE)

Recruitment and Development Manager & in charge of Ethics in therapy: Bertrand Marquer, co-director of CERIEL (UR1337)

Head of Training & in charge of Interculturality: Emmanuel Behague, head of the master degree "Etudes allemandes : dynamiques sociales et culturelles"

Head of Outreach and International Relations & in charge of the Historical perspective: Enrica Zanin, maîtresse de conférences

Composition du comité d'orientation

Coordination du comité d'orientation : Victoire Feuillebois - Maîtresse de conférences au Département d'études slaves (UR 1340).

  • Niklas Bender - Professeur extraordinaire à l’université de Tübingen, professeur invité à l’université de Hambourg (Allemagne).
  • Lucien Derainne
  • Kenza Jernite - Maîtresse de conférences en études théâtrales à l’université Paris 3-Sorbonne nouvelle.
  • Céline Lefève - Maîtresse de conférences (HDR) en philosophie de la médecine dans le Département Histoire et Philosophie des Sciences, à l’Université Paris Cité.
  • Frédérique Leichter-Flack - Professeure des Universités en Littérature et Humanités politiques au Centre d’Histoire de Sciences Po.
  • Pierre Vinclair - artiste, poète et essayiste.