Symposium : Ethics of ordinary madness: medicine, philosophy, literature

Future event
9 11 March 2023
9h 17h
MISHA - University of Strasbourg

What is medicine of the mind? A spontaneous answer immediately summons a discipline in the sense of Foucault, since 'medicine today no longer has an external field' (Les Anormaux, 1999, p. 250). However, medicina mentis has long constituted a philosophical object, where the reference to pathology was not predominant, and where the hygiene of thought did not necessarily imply a medical perspective. We can see in this the evolution of the disciplines and their balance of power, but it is not this aspect that will hold us back: rather, what it implies about the conception of the mind, the means to be used to treat it, and the hierarchy of the faculties that this care orders.

This project proposes to give the apparent simplicity of an expression (medicine of the mind) its full complexity by reflecting on what is the object of the care, since defining the medicine of the mind presupposes defining the mind that must be cared for.

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